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Inframid is based in Centurion, South Africa and provides project management services to public infrastructure and building developers.



Inframid (Proprietary) Limited

Registration number


Date of company establishment

31 March 1994

Postal address

Republic of South Africa, PO Box 2116, Elarduspark, 0047

Physical address

Republic of South Africa, Centurion

Business interests

Project Management

Electrical Engineering

Interior Design, Automation & Building Intelligence

Home Ownership Publications

Shareholders & Directors and their CV's

Nick and Daleen Oosthuizen

Public Officer

NJ Oosthuizen

Services & products

Project Management

Program & Project Management with professional engineering, architecture and quantity surveying as our support base.

We specialise in the creation of multi-component public infrastructure through all its life cycle stages, from conceptualisation to commercial deployment and close-out.

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Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering skills are applied in the fields of infrastructure and building development including:

  • Automation and Building Intelligence
  • Building complexes
  • Public telecommunication networks
  • Specialised electrical power systems
  • Water schemes
  • Township & public resort development
  • Security

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Interior, Building and Renovations

As project managers we assist you to plan, arrange finance and build in a professional and cost effective way.

Professional engineering, architecture, interior and quantity surveying is our support base

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Inframid Publications

From our experience on large multi disciplinary projects we wrote a series of publications and models promoting home ownership by helping you to create your own property investment.

These include, inter alia, a free introductory course to home planning, as well as titles such as "Plan your dream home", “Program your Project” and “Appoint your Professional Team”.

Whether you are thinking to buy, renovate or build, these publications provide all possible facets that you need to consider, focusing on the project planning and management steps.

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Typical Projects

Follow this link for a summary of our experience in Project Management & Funding.


Inframid was established to provide management consulting services to Southern African infrastructure and services organisations in the development of their business and deployment programmes.

These organisations include community development institutions, public works departments, telecommunications operators, utility companies, property development organisations and private businesses.

In Inframid we have an absolute passion to effectively manage large and small projects to primarily fulfil needs and create viable businesses, irrespective whether it would be for a client or for ourselves.

An important aspect for us is to along with our fund mobilisation capability apply well structured professional program management principles and mechanisms throughout the planning, procurement and implementation stages of projects. This is especially important when it comes to stage approvals, time scheduling of fund mobilisation and the identification and appointment of the appropriate service providers, contractors and possible partners. The successful implementation of a number of major national infrastructure development programs, involving the application of service providers, contractors and public private partnerships also under rather difficult legislative environments, illustrates that Nick and Daleen are no strangers to national infrastructure development programs.

With our professional business development, project management and engineering backgrounds, we apply our skills to not only plan and build our own investments, but to also guide others to do the same.

Part of our vision is also to transfer our knowledge base along with the expertise and experience of associated partners to people across the globe, building up long standing business and property investments of their own. For this reason we have established a web portal of home ownership publications, assisting people to benefit from our experience that was built up on major projects, as well as from the experience and expertise of our associates.

About Inframid

Established in March 1996, Inframid specialises in program and project management services related to the creation of public infrastructure and residential developmenit with professional engineering, architecture and quantity surveying as our support base.

Inframid has launched a series of educational resources including books, downloadable courses and software programmes with a vision of empowering others to realise their property investment dreams.

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