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Interior design, Building & Renovations

As project managers we assist you to plan, arrange finance, build and renovate in a professional and cost effective way.

Interior Design and Automation

Interior design and decor with fine attention to detail and space planning, utilising state-of-the-art technology for the residential, corporate and hotel sectors.

Automation and Building Intelligence is offered as part of our Electrical Engineering services and strongly compliments our Interior Design.

Interior, Building and Renovation Planning

We believe in a strong focus on appropriate planning in order to fully understand your needs and to keep within your budget, time and quality limits.

Depending on your preferences, we can negotiate very attractive fixed prices for the total planning package from concept through all the planning and approval stages to being ready for construction. This includes all the required aspects such as:

  • Comprehensive confirmation of your needs, requirements and available budget;
  • Putting together your building loan application package;
  • Architectural plans and necessary approvals;
  • Professional interior advice and design;
  • Electrical engineering including automation and building intelligence;
  • Structural engineering;
  • Landscape planning;
  • Energy management;
  • NHBRC registration;
  • Costing, etc.

So, at the end of the planning phase all your requirements, timing and financing will be planned so that construction can begin without any surprises!

Turnkey Construction Management

We negotiate and offer a turnkey price to manage and implement the project.

Our services include the coordination, administration and management of construction resources (material, labour and money) with a professional support base, including architecture, engineering, quantity surveying and a strong emphasis on interior considerations.

Our approach to the management of building works positively impacts project affordability.

Take the first step to now turn your dream into reality – tell us about your project so that we can present you with services and a price that will meet your needs.

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Interior Design Services

Our interior design service is structured to take you through the necessary planning steps as stated below, providing you the opportunity to pre-experience the furniture layout, material textures and colour schemes before making expensive purchases.

  • A needs and requirement analysis in order to derive a project concept with a budget estimate and time schedule;
  • The necessary planning and construction of renovations and building work as required;
  • Sketch plans with style and furniture layout considerations;
  • Story boards proposing texture and colour schemes of all the elements of a living area. These elements are likely to include the floors, walls, curtains, furniture, upholstery, paintings, rugs, carpets, accents, accessories, lamps and so on;
  • Selection of service providers, decorating material and furniture to suit the sketch plans and story boards; and then
  • The interior decorating works within the planned budget and time schedule.

View some pictures about our building and interior experience. (About 2,4Mb)

Interior Decorating Services

Our interior decorating service is structured to provide you with professional guidance when purchasing material and appointing service providers. This service includes the following:

  • Building and renovations;
  • Furniture selection and purchasing;
  • Painting and tiling;
  • Curtaining and blinds;
  • Shopping assistance with all the above, etc.

View some pictures about our building and interior experience. (About 2,4Mb)

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