Turning Ideas Into Reality

Inframid Program Management

For you as Public Infrastructure Developer we

oversee and manage engineering infrastructure development programs addressing the real needs of developing communities in a sustainable way - making the difference.

37 years as professional electrical engineer allowed Nick to successfully execute various programmes, such as:

The establishment of mCel; the Mozambican cellular service.

Instil an integrated project team approach in the development programmes of Public Works.

Telecom development programmes covering 44’000 lines over 33 towns in North West Province.

Research and implementation of renewable energy systems.

The Maputo - Beira submarine cable.

Eskom's Security Recovery Program.

Vodacom Mozambique business plan and procuring the cellular license.

Various building intelligence and energy management systems.

Various township and public resort developments.

Rural water supply, purification and distribution systems for Kangwane and the Verdrag Dam.

Specialised accommodation and power supply facilities for SA and Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications.

Appreciating that our past and future success depends on addressing the real needs of stakeholders, we are committed to the highest level of service engaging our clients as partners to create enabling environments through providing:

Programme definitions satisfying needs;

Proof of feasibility;

Funding structures; and

Managing the program planning, procurement, implementation and deployment to flawless execution.

Our skills are applied in various fields of infrastructure including:

Public telecommunication networks including switching centre buildings, transmission networks, cable networks, civil works, user connections, base stations, building works and commercialisation of the service

Building complexes of industrial, commercial, health, sports and residential nature

Specialised electrical power systems, including large emergency power supplies, UPS's and photo voltaic systems

Water schemes

Township & public resort development


To facilitate the above, we believe in a functional approach that will ensure well balanced projects with healthy client and project team relations.

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