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Plan Your Dream Home is an excellent guide for anyone to buy, build or renovate a home. This makes the realisation of a dream home an adventurous experience... from the DREAM to LIVING.

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Inframid Publications

Home of Plan Your Dream Home titles

Nick Oosthuizen wrote a series of publications on promoting home ownership. This will help you to establish your own home and property investment. With the series being based on his project management experience on large multi disciplinary projects, you can benefit from professional expertise in a simplified way.

The publications include a free introductory course to home planning, as well as titles such as "Plan Your Dream Home", “Program Your Project” and “Appoint Your Professional Team”.

Whether you are thinking to buy, build or renovate - these publications are for you. They provide all possible facets that you need to consider, focusing on the project planning and management steps.

Please visit our Inframid Publications home ownership web portal.

About Inframid

Established in March 1996, Inframid specialises in program and project management services related to the creation of public infrastructure and residential developmenit with professional engineering, architecture and quantity surveying as our support base.

Inframid has launched a series of educational resources including books, downloadable courses and software programmes with a vision of empowering others to realise their property investment dreams.

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